Your kids will beg to bathe

We love creating products that enrich the bonding experience between kids and those who care for them. We handmake every one of our bath products in Canada to be both fun and good for young skin.

Safety Tested with No Nasty Chemicals!

Bath time should be fun and relaxing for you and your kids. That is why all our products are certified compliant with CE, ASTM, CPSIA, and Health Canada requirements. Spend less time worrying and more time splashing!

Skin Friendly

Bubbling and fizzing bath products can dry out and irritate skin. Ours don’t! Loot products are skin-friendly and safe, leaving you and your kids smiling and happy.

99.5% Natural Ingredients

Our products are 99.5% natural, at a minimum! We use vegan and certified non-GMO ingredients that are both food and cosmetic grade. They won’t stain your kids or your bathtub, so less scrubbing and more time to relax and delight in your kids’ enjoyment.

They’re FUN!

Loot bath products provide multi-sensory experiences that engage kids and stimulate their imagination. Our products draw primarily on sight, smell and touch to motivate kids to jump in the tub and stay there.

"I’m so excited to share your bath bombs with friends. I think they are fantastic and so do my kids!! ❤️ local!!" -Tess

"Kesler received his package today and was SO very happy! Thank you very much! he’s so excited for his bath tonight! 🥰" -Vanessa